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[Atari 800 XE]

In June 1987 our family bought Atari 800 XL as our first computer. Two years later we replaced it by an Atari 800 XE. At the time I use the XE computer in this hardware configuration:

In addition I have a few Atari 800 XE machines, mostly without extentions.

[Atari 800 XE]

The last grey 8-bit computer I own is an Atari 130 XE with:

[Atari 800 XL]

As a remark of the beginning of my computer life era I baught a good old Atari 800 XL and I started with expanding it immediately. Now it has these modifications:

[Atari 600 XL]

I also own one old Atari 600 XL which has just this extension:

With Atari XL and XE computers I additionally use this hardware equipment:

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