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UNIX systems

I thing many people discuss which computer has a better operating system, but they forget there are operating systems running on all types of computers. In my opinion the fixation of users' thinking may be caused by having the operating system in ROM, e.g. Atari. In the other cases (e.g. Apple Macintosh and IBM PC) this is caused by potent self-propagation by some software producing firms and manipulability of the users.

Unix systems gave me a great feeling of liberty, but not only as the independence on the operating system producer. It is a system which finally allowed me to control the computer and not only to feel like to be controlled by it. Here are some things about Unix in English:
OSMDThe SpareMiNT installer.
Unix commandsList of some basic unixu commands.
Unix/Linux pagesLinks to interesting web sites in the Czech republic and around the globe.

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