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Here are the information about the connecting old style digital joysticks (Atari, Commodore) to the PC through the printer port (Centronics/parallel port).

This page is official web site of the project called LPT JoyStick. I will collect here all new information about the programs that use this method of connecting digital joystick in it.If you have any suggestion about all it please email to me.

Here is the archive with all important information, testing pogram for MS DOS with source code in C  (scheme of wiring included) LPT_JOY.ZIP (11KB)


What You need:


Scheme of wiring:


(PC printer port)


(Digital joystick)

10 (acknowledge) ---------------- 4 (right)
11 (busy) ---------------- 3 (left)
12 (out of paper) ---------------- 2 (down)
13 (select) ---------------- 1 (up)
15 (error) ---------------- 6 (button)
1 (strobe) ---------------- 7 (Ucc)
25 (ground) ---------------- 8 (ground)


Related projects:

Atari 800 emulator - the version for DOS use this way connected joystick as the normal Atari joystick. It is relay cool to play the old good stuff with the normal joystick not the hating keyboard.

Cursor keys emulator - this project is not available. So you can join to the project and help. I and all the people will be glad. Here is the my idea about it. Make some resident program that will test the state of the connected joystick and generate keyboard strikes.



The main thanks go to Petr Stehlik for his help.

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