RAP - RealAudio decoder

(Atari version)

This is a RealAudio decoder (RAP) distributed with sources in C. It can decode RealAudio14.4 files only. RAP originally comes from Amiga scene. For Atari it was compiled for the first time by Petr Stehlik. I have made on it few changes (new arguments -oFILE.SND, -8, -n)

Program usage

Under MiNT you can redirect the output to the audio device. You have to have one and your computer has to be fast enough.

rap.ttp input.ra > /dev/audio

Under shell you can redirect the output to the file. The file will be stored as 16-bit, Signed data.

rap.ttp input.ra > output.raw

Argument -oFILE.SND can be used everywhere. Output data will be saved into the SND file (SND is one of the well-know sound formats).

rap.ttp input.ra -ooutput.snd

If you are using NED PLAYER you can use argument -n for automatically replaying saved SND file (after it is decoded). For this is used VA_START protocol. Therefore it is GEM protocol you have to renamed decoder to rap.gtp.

rap.gtp input.ra -ooutput.snd -n

People with computers without 16-bit sound  can use argument -8 to switch output data to 8-bit format. It will work at all cases mentioned above. Here is the example:

rap.gtp input.ra -ooutput.snd -8 -n



It seems it is easy (relatively) to improve RAP to GEM accessory player, which can be used for realtime playing RA files from internet. The main problem is probably speed of decoding, isn't it? What Do you think?


Available here

rap.lzh (170kB)

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