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Whipper-snapper's race

a game for ATARI ST(E)/TT/FALCON

w_race.lzh (800 kB)
It was 1943, The U.S.A. decided to join the war. Young American men left their homes and came to fight to Europe. All the nation celebrated them as heroes. Adolf and Bennito started to think about their bad end. But why were all these things happening? Well I don't know and Max didn't know either. He was a twentythree year old chap. His favourite hobby was surfing, in fact he was the first who did this sport professionaly. Since his fifteen has was surfing on the waves of Long Beach, eating hamburger and lived through betting with rich people who were visiting this part of coast sometimes.

. . . .

Max was born in New York. Due to the fact that he doesn't like any work at all and he needn't his parents to his life, he left his family, when he was six years old. He said literaly: 'I'm leaving you my bloody family to find out my fortune'. His parents understood him and one day when he was just walking with them along Wall Street, they left him and ran away. Just that day he met a group of young people, who didn't belong to anywhere as well as Max. So they decided to travel around the States, sometimes they borrowed something, but in fact they were without money nearly all the time.

When Max was fourteen years old, he decided to start his own life. Then his friends were staying on The Long Beach, but because they were adventurer, they wanted to change the place and go to Mexico. There should be much more fun as they used to say. Max didn't like this idea so much. He really loved this beach and stay here. He was even working for two three days, but then he realized that better is go to school, especially when the charity organization is paying :). He spent there a few years. During them he find out some news like reading and counting. That was enough like for every right American boy so he finished his education in his 18 years and continued in surfing on waves. Sometimes he tried to work, but in Ford they wanted to work like a machine, in a pub they wanted a regular shift, in a restaurant they care about clothes and behaviour and in The IBM, where he decided to be a director, they needed some crazy education (they said something like You need versity ;). At this period, just when he was riding on waves, a few meters from him there was some rich man called Billy Little Door and near to them there was a little shark something between two and three meters, but he likes to eat people. At the moment when it was preparing to bite Billy in a half, Max used one of the best surfing tricks to hit shark into his nose. It was really sad, started to cry and ran back into deep of the ocean. Max became the hero of day, because Billy Little Door owned four news papers in the four towns on the coast. And then the message about his brave got to every human's ear on the west coast.

Unfortunately, Max wasn't really talkative. He usually wake up only, when he listened something about money. And because he was doing really impressive exhibition with his board. All the people offered him a big amount of money for every performance. But Max liked risky bussines, and if you think that Indiana Jones was adventurer, then Max hazarded ten times more than five Indana Jones's together. So he bet his money all the time, once it was $100, sometimes more sometimes less. He lived this way five years, he lost all his money, except his friends no one was interested in his attacking sharks or German submarines, no one enjoyed his crazy ride among mines... During the worst summer in his life some cheerful chap visited the beach. He greeted and clapped on back everyone he met. On his visiting card was written such a weird name as Hilly Bolly Gytes. Later that day everyone knew that he worked for American Army Spy Agency. Max really didn't know what was happening in the World, because from the start of the War he was spending nights on the sea to protect himself against taking him into the War. (Of course the rest of world knew that the War started more earlier than Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, but the Americans weren't sure :). And this chap offered to Max following: 'You will go to Italy, there you have to surf down seven hills on ski, you give some paper to some person and you get $100 000'.

Well, it's a good bet!', replied Max, although he didn't know, what Italy is, which seven hills and why they need there a sheet. So he goes...

Max was wearing special uniform of the American Army Spy Agency. It included electric heating, jumping system and helmet with radio on FM 88.3.

The game is divided into seven hills. After finishing of every hill, you will get enter code to the next level. Your score depends on your time. You will get special bonus at the bottom of every hill.

Sound effects

The game contain over 800 kb of sound samples recorded in 12.59 kHz, which is about 20 different jingles and voices. On the computers with DMA sound is used hardware replay, while on a ordinary ST is everything played through software. To record these samples was used ATARI Falcon 030.

On computers with 512 Kb of memory (is there around any similar computer :) aren't sound effect played at all. Except digitized voices there is working even Yamaha soundchip to simulate ilusion of skiing down the hill. The sounds perform the connection between Max and AASA.


There are two mod tracks from CHAOS (Tomas Kucera), which are played in 25 Khz on computers with DMA and in 11 Khz on ordinary STs.


The main part of graphics was created by STOO and you could see it in one really famous game (I guess it was Cannon Fodder). The animation and graphic of Max was painted by author. One picture was made by Magellan.


The author is Petr Sumbera (New Design). He programmed it in Omikron Basic v 3.01.

The story and manual was written by Karel Rous (Empty Head/Headache Project)


It should work on all ATARI computers with at least 512 kb of memory in resolution 320x200/16 colours (ST Low). When you run the game on computer with 512 Kb or 1 Mb, you will have to switch off all ACC's and resident programmes, because in this case it needs all memory.

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